About Us

Conceptial was formed to combine the most effective elements of the classic lead generation with modern business operational best practices. Our goal is to become a trustworthy sales development company for our clients which plays the pivotal role of connecting their business development teams with target market opportunities. We strive to stand apart from the crowded marketplace of simple “appointment setters” by providing a high level of business learning and know-how that results in one word–quality. Quality of outreach, quality of staff, quality of results. That is what Conceptial means to our customers–and what we know it will soon mean to you!.

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    Understand Your Goals:

    Listening is an important art of sales, we carefully understand what are your goals and the attached deadline to accomplish your desired target. Based on our years of experience, we quickly custom design a POA which would be cost effective and result oriented. This is all done with perfection based on best practices followed in Inside Sales.

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    Constant flow of new leads

    We always ensure the Sales team is delivered with sufficient new leads and further based on feedback to have them fine-tuned as per the process needs. Pre-qualified lead is the key when it comes to new leads which eventually will lead in achieving your goals faster.

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    Watch Your Sales Grow

    Conceptial follows the best combination of Sales approach, we prepare dashboards based on your KPI’s to show the results obtained on weekly and monthly basis with creative data visualization ability. It allows you measure the process improvement, cost effectiveness, brand awareness and most importantly increase in your revenue funnel.

Our Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Demand Generation
  • Market Research / Surveys
  • Target List Building
  • Digital marketing
  • LinkedIn based capturing
  • Human Intelligence – PAS [People as Service]
  • End to End Lead Nurturing
  • Power and Voice Generated Content [P2P]